Roadmap and Status

SITE STATUS: Things are more or less working in "read mode". No new content can be added, comments are disabled. The profile edit form should be working. I need to get email wired up to allow account recovery - maybe also add a CAPTCHA on the sign up form because I did have to zap about 20 fake accounts. The forums are working but I left them disabled until I get email issues sorted out (notifications and so forth). I may hold on that until I move this all off of Heroku.

The code stack was completely retooled and up-revved. I looked at a couple forum plug-ins and they didn't mesh well with the rest of the code. The plans for when I can get back to working on this are:

  • Put in the "missing man formation" feature to allow salutes and stories about those who are no longer with is.
  • Add some kind of messaging mechanism. I'll either graft in a DM mechanism I use on other projects, or spool up a "Slack Lite" kind of deal so we can get some of the benefits of an open chat channel for members only.
  • Move the whole mess off of Heroku and onto one of my own servers. This will allow using things which are expensive with Heroku's pricing model.
  • Add a basic mailing list mechanism if the site starts getting traction.
  • Add an ability to upload pictures. This gets easier once it's off of Heroku.