Roadmap and Status

Known Issues
  • The forms to enter community info (Links, etc.) work again, but I didn't have time to hook up validation. So make sure you enter all fields and use proper URL's.
  • Things seem to work but they haven't been tested thoroughly.
  • There's an invisible CAPTCHA on the sign-up form now, let me know if you have problems.
  • Email is now hooked up so password reset requests should work. Make sure to check your SPAM folder if you think yu didn't get an email.

The code stack was completely retooled and up-revved. I looked at a couple forum plug-ins and they didn't mesh well with the rest of the code. The plans for when I can get back to working on this are:

  • Put in the "missing man formation" feature to allow salutes and stories about those who are no longer with is.
  • Add some kind of messaging mechanism. I'll either graft in a DM mechanism I use on other projects, or spool up a "Slack Lite" kind of deal so we can get some of the benefits of an open chat channel for members only.
  • Move the whole mess off of Heroku and onto one of my own servers. This will allow using things which are expensive with Heroku's pricing model.
  • Add a basic mailing list mechanism if the site starts getting traction.
  • Add an ability to upload pictures. This gets easier once it's off of Heroku.